Nail paste all-in-one machine-high-speed and accurate nail paste work

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Today, when automation is gradually popularized, there are many automated machines on industrialized assembly lines. One of them is an all-in-one gluer. Gluing boxes was a technical job in the past, which could not be done by ordinary workers. Because the box-gluing position has its particularity, and if a box-gluing position is not handled well, it will cause serious consequences.

1. The automatic machine has high efficiency and good stability.

The glue and nail integrated machine adopts advanced identification technology, and can handle every box that needs to be glued in place according to the requirements. More importantly, this machine has high efficiency and good stability, and can ensure that every box has the same quality. . This cannot be done manually.

2. The speed of the all-in-one glue and nail machine is fast, and there is basically no error.

Artificial nailing will cause uneven products due to the technical problems of different workers. The machine can solve this problem perfectly, and the speed of the machine is much faster than that of the human. One-time investment will benefit for a long time.

3. Generally speaking, there are few failures in the daily use of the equipment, but it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of the equipment in time, especially the servo motor must be cleaned to avoid dust coverage, if there are some accidents in the carton The situation should be analyzed in a timely manner to see if which parts are faulty and solve them in time.

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